Longworth 6-Player Croquet Set


The Longworth Six Player Croquet set is beautifully crafted and made from solid hardwood and designed to last for years of play.

This set features 6 full sized hardwood mallets with oval spliced shafts, providing extra strength and durability. The mallets also feature a leather grip, giving them a superior finish and quality feel in play.

The Longworth set contains six non-chip colour balls along with all of the accessories required for the game. The full set is easily stored and transported in a zippered canvas carry bag with a shoulder strap.

This croquet set provides interactive, inclusive and genuine fun for all ages. Croquet enthusiasts designed this game for all ages and skill levels.

 Set Includes:

  • 6 hardwood mallets
  • 6 Croquet balls
  • Steel hoops
  • Hardwood winning post
  • Corner flags
  • Yard markers
  • Hoop mallet
  • Plastic clips
  • Sturdy storage bag