Hexagonal Sandbox with Cover and Wooden Lid


Bring the fun to your backyard with this giant outdoor Sandbox, a great addition to any outdoor space, home or cottage! Children and toddlers will enjoy hours of exploratory and collaborative play building sand castles, making sand pies and letting their imagination take over. A sandbox is a perfect addition to your outdoor space, inspiring creativity and learning for children of all ages.

The Hexagonal Sandpit is made from strong, durable wood and measures 1.5m in diameter. It has a sturdy lip around the perimeter, which is a perfect seat for little ones (and adults too). All of this space means there is lots of room for sitting both inside the sandbox or on the ledge. Also included in with the sandbox is a protective cover to keep the sand clean and landscape fabric for underneath the sandbox to prevent growth of grass and weeds. 

The specially designed wooden lid provides an extra level of protection for your sandbox. The sturdy design allows it to double as a table.

Parents will enjoy quick and easy assembly with the creative slot-together design and clear, easy-to-follow instructions. Simply slot the sides together and screw on the top, add sand and play! 

Suitable for ages 1 and up.

What's in the box?

  • Hexagonal Wooden Sandpit
  • All screws and fixings
  • Protective Cover
  • Landscape Fabric (underlay to prevent weeds and grass growth)