Carrom Board


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Carrom is a fun game of skill, tactics and accuracy, which can be enjoyed by the whole family, both indoors and outdoors. Some describe Carrom as a combination of pool (billiards), air hockey and marbles as it tests both physical and mental skill. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

This Carrom Board was developed based on the standards of the International Carrom Federation. The 4mm play surface, made out of Mango wood, is official size and has been hand polished to ensure a smooth and low friction surface. Slats on the underside strengthen the playing surface and ensure the Carrom Board does not loose it shape. The solid edges are made of sturdy Mango Wood for a better rebound. The internal corners are rounded to reduce bounce-back and strengthened with Rosewood to prevent denting.

New to Carrom? This set has everything you need to get started including instructions and rules of the game!