Backyard Archery Set


The Arrowsoft Backyard Archery Set set includes everything you will need to start practicing archery at home, the cottage or in any safe space where you have approximately 20 feet of space! The unique, class-leading foam-tipped “marshmallow” arrowheads are easy to assemble and allow for safe play.

Assembly and disassembly is quick and simple! Set up the target board in a matter of minutes and create your own archery range. Bring the set out as wanted or keep it as a fixture in your backyard or at your cottage to practice year-round (weather permitting)!

Safe – The carbon fibre arrows with foam-tip arrowheads let beginners learn and practice archery in a safe manner. 

Long-lasting – The modular design of the arrowheads allows broken parts (e.g. broken arrow shafts) to be swapped out.

Loads of Fun – Try your hand at something new or bring your love of archery home for the family. This set makes a great addition to the home or cottage!

Each set comes with a Bear® Archery beginner bow, with 4 different draw weight options for all ages:

  1. Wizard Kids Bow – 10-18 lbs draw weight, Age 7+
  2. Crusader Youth Bow – 10-20 lbs draw weight, Age 9+
  3. Titan Beginner Bow – 29 lbs draw weight, Age 12+
  4. Firebird Recurve Bow – 35 lbs draw weight, Age 16+

Each Beginner Archery Set Features:

  • Strong target boards that are simple to set up and take down (backed by a 2-year Guarantee)
  • Industry-leading Bear® Archery beginner recurve bows
  • Carbon fibre arrows with foam-tip arrowheads create a safer learning and teaching environment
  • A complete Beginner’s Shooting Manual that goes over archery fundamentals (including stance, nocking and release)

 What's in the box?

  • 1 x Target Board and Frame (choice of “Paint Splat” or “Red X” target board)
  • 1 x Bear® Archery Beginner Recurve Bow (choice of draw weight)
  • 6 x Carbon Fibre Arrows with Foam-Tip Arrowheads
  • 1 x Archery Armguard
  • 1 x Beginner’s Shooting Manual
  • Beginner Archery Set Assembly Manual