About Us

We are a division of DOM Sports, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

DOM Sports opened its doors in 1968 and has been involved in the manufacture and sale of many different lines of sports equipment over the years, including table tennis, floor hockey, ringette and shuffleboard. Today, we are most well-known for our floor hockey sticks (if you played floor hockey in school, chances are good that you played with a DOM stick) and other high quality, durable sports equipment and games. 

DOM Sports entered the games market nearly 10 years ago, through a partnership with Garden Games/ Big Game Hunters, a fantastic line of games from the UK. Through this partnership, we serve North America, as the official distributor of all Garden Games/ Big Game Hunters product. In addition, we also carry a number of activity games, great for home, school and the workplace, and are always looking to grow our offering.

We take great pride in delivering quality sports equipment and games for all, helping people live active, healthy lives.