Creative ways to celebrate Halloween safely in 2021

With the pandemic still a concern for many this fall,  some families are looking to do things a little differently to make sure this year’s Halloween is a safe one. Your little ones can have their chocolate stash and eat it too. It just takes a bit of planning and creativity. Here are some fun ways to have a COVID-safe Halloween. 

1. Make their mask a part of the costume

Photo Credit: Alphamom

Back in the day, the biggest challenge was getting our costume to fit over our bulky jackets. Now our kids have to contend with masks too. Instead of seeing the mask as an impediment, see it as an opportunity! There are many fun ways kids can integrate a mask into their costumes naturally. The most obvious choice is to dress up as their favourite health care hero (complete with surgical mask), but plenty of great options exist where a mask or face covering can be worn. This cute DIY skeleton costume by Alphamom is a super cool way to have some fun with wearing masks.

2. Get creative with physical distancing

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People are finding ingenious ways to stay their distance while keeping Halloween traditions alive. At home, a candy chute is a great alternative to having multiple little hands in a candy bowl. 

Photo Credit: The Dispatch

If you’re accompanying your kids trick or treating, how about using one of those grabbers to collect your candy from afar?

3. Host an outdoor Halloween bash

Photo Credit: Delia Creates

Invite some friends over for a fun, spooky and safe Halloween party in your backyard. There are tons of great Halloween-themed games to keep them focused on things other than chocolate. This fun and simple Mummy-sack race from Delia Creates is one for the books. Get them to wrap toilet paper or white crepe streamers around their legs and race to the other side without tearing their wrapping. 

And if you’re looking for something a little less wasteful (toilet paper is a hot commodity, folks!), Giant Games has some seriously fun outdoor games to keep kids entertained for hours. Anyone want to try a game of Kubb? Otherwise known as Viking chess, it’s a great outdoor game for all ages.

4. Trick-or-treat at home 

Photo Credit: The Spruce Eats

If you are looking to keep things a little closer to home, you can still give your kids the candy-filled Halloween of their dreams! Instead of going door to door, why not set up a Halloween candy hunt indoors? It’s also a great opportunity to make your own fun Halloween treats! Check out these chocolate spider clusters from The Spruce Eats.

We hope you and your kids enjoy this spooky, sugar-filled  holiday, however you choose to celebrate! 

DISCLAIMER: We are not medical professionals nor local officials. Please follow local guidelines and speak with your doctor or local health unit for guidance on COVID safety.

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