4 reasons Scott McGillivray uses Giant Games to boost rental properties

Scott McGillivray, host of Scott’s Vacation House Rules, knows how just one object can have the power to transform a space. Whether it’s a moss wall or giant chess set, a unique element can truly complete a space. In episode 3 of the second season of Scott’s Vacation House Rules, Scott used several of our  Giant Games to help liven up a cottage property into a money making rental and game hub extraordinaire. The results spoke for themselves.

Here are 4 reasons why a simple addition like a giant game added to your property can have a serious impact. 

They create an experience 

    A vacation rental can be so much more than a place to sleep. With so many  choices available on rental sites like airbnb and VRBO, to name a few, renters are looking for a unique experience. Adding a fun element to the landscape, like a giant chess set, or Giant Tower can help boost the experience for (and ratings from) guests.

    They help accentuate the natural features of the space 

      Having an outdoor space is enjoyable, buta big empty grass space can lack character and make people overlook the more beautiful features of the lot. Using a game is a great way to fill up empty spaces and allow visitors to visually appreciate the overall yard. 

      They make your property stand out 

        The rental market is competitive, so having elements on your property that are photo-friendly and Instagram-worthy is a must. That’s why having a statement piece is the perfect way to get your property noticed. 

        They attract repeat renters 

          It’s the experience and time spent together that people will remember. When renters are looking for a place next time, giving them memories they can recall definitely works in your favour. It can be a jumbo checkers or croquet set that transforms a so-so experience into surefire repeat rentals.

          In the end, however you decide to dress up your rental property, remember one thing – have fun with it! 

          Giant Games was featured on Season 2, Episode 3 of Scott’s Vacation House Rules. To watch the full episode, visit hgtv.ca.

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